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      Leadership Team
      • Aijun Zhang

        Chairman Independent Investor Founding Principal

        Springboard International Bilingual School is a private, non-profit, foreign-related international school operated solely by me as the principal. Juncheng has been running a school for 20 years. From kindergarten to high school, there are more than 500 students in the school. The headmaster is the soul of a school. In the complicated field of international education, I adhere to my own educational principles, do not compare the size of the school with the number of students, do not increase tuition fees at will, pursue the educational and teaching mechanism of excellence, and actively invest the benefits in the construction of the school to provide students with a high-quality educational environment. I lead all the faculty and staff to be born for education, to love education, to run a school with all their hearts and minds, and to strive to build a truly international bilingual school. Focusing on education all my life is my lifelong pursuit and love. I am committed to becoming a messenger of cultural exchanges between China and the West. I believe that only by striving to do the best, can I meet the expectations of parents. If you believe that the meaning of education is to prepare for children's life, if you love children, love environmental protection, love life, please join Juncheng bar, I will take "natural heritage gentleman, rhetoric sincerity" as the belief, lead Juncheng professional teacher team, let your children receive the best education in Juncheng. It has been sixty years since then, focusing on educating people's minds. Thousands of sails have gone through all the vicissitudes of life and have a long way to go. 

        I wish you and your family happiness and well-being! 

        Founding Principal: Zhang Aijun

      • Shirley Su

        Executive principal

        Shirley Su serves as Executive principal to oversee and orchestrate SIBS’ K-12 instructional delivery and lead SIBS’ implementation of PYP, MYP, and IBDP. Shirley graduated from Beijing Normal University with a B.A. in Chinese language and literature, a Master’s Degree from Hong Kong City University in Translation and Interpretation, and is currently a Doctoral candidate in Central China Normal University in Chinese Language and Literature. She brings on board 11 years of hands-on teaching & management experience from three Hong Kong IB schools, Yew Chung International School, English Foundation Schools, and most recently, Han Academy which she co-founded and served as its first Head of School. Shirley is a highly recognized IB expert in the Asia Pacific/Greater China IB community, having earned the credentials and served as IBO examiner, Assistant Principal Examiner,  Paper Author for IB DP examinations, course outline reader,workshop leader, consultant, Field Representative, and IBO School Visit Team Leader. She has helped set up and authorize more than 20 IB schools in the Asia Pacific. She has co-authored and published 4 books on IB DP Chinese A literature. She also has extensive experience in Cambridge IGCSE and A-Level. We believe that Shirley can help steward SIBS’ IB and Cambridge journey into success.

      • Joanna Chen

        Primary School Principal

        Bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Capital Normal University, and a Master's degree in Educational Management from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. With 30 years of experience in education and teaching, I have served as a vice principal and primary school principal for nearly 20 years, earning recognition as a renowned principal in Beijing. I have also held positions as a director of the 8th Council of the Chinese Society of Education and a director of the Primary Education Committee of the Chinese Society of Education.

        Under my leadership, my previous school received honors such as the "National Advanced Unit in Art Education" awarded by the Ministry of Education, the "Advanced Unit in Curriculum Development" in Beijing, and the "Demonstration School for Cultural Construction in Beijing." I have led the development of multiple school-based curriculum sets and have authored and published educational works. Several of my personally written papers have received awards from the Ministry of Education, as well as local and district authorities.

        I firmly believe that every child is full of unlimited potential, and I strive to lay the foundation for their happy and fulfilling lives to the best of my abilities.

      • Mark Munro

        MSHS Vice Principal

        Now entering his 21st year of education, Mark Munro is thrilled to join SIBS as the new MSHS Vice Principal.  He has worked predominantly with Chinese students in international education throughout his career, teaching both in China and Canada with 17 years’ experience in mainland China. He has taught at all age levels, but specializes in Middle and High School History and Humanities. In addition to his rich experience teaching in state schools, private bilingual and international schools, he has been educated at universities in Canada, the UK and the USA. He has served as Academic Director and Head of Department in his previous roles and has taught a wide range of curriculum including: Canadian (Ontario), American (Common Core), Australian (SACE), British (KS3, IGCSE, A-Level) and now the International Baccalaureate (MYP, IBDP). With two of his own children attending the school, Mark is dedicated to preserving SIBS as a warm, family-friendly environment, while instilling cross-cultural IB values and ensuring a high quality of teaching and learning.

        BA - English and History, University of Western Ontario

        PGCE, MA – International Education, University of Nottingham UK

        CSML - Certificate in School Management and Leadership, Harvard University

      • Sandra Lopez

        Primary School Vice Principal

        Sandra is a dedicated and seasoned professional who is enthusiastic about integrating social, cognitive, and emotional components to help students reach their full potential. She has taught at all educational levels, from preschool to university, and has held positions in China, South America, and the United States. Sandra holds a bachelor's degree in educational psychology from the United States, a master's degree in mental health for children and adolescents, and a teaching qualification from Cambridge. Additionally, she is pursuing a master's degree in educational leadership. As a coordinator, curriculum leader, and learning support coach in international and multilingual schools, she has assisted kindergarten through twelfth-grade international teachers and students in achieving success. Sandra has an in-depth understanding of socio-constructivist theory, inquiry, and project-based learning and is excited to be joining SIBS.

      • Peng

        MSHS Vice Principal

        Master's degree from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, with 25 years of frontline teaching and management experience in international education. I have held positions as a frontline teacher, homeroom teacher, head of international department, and vice principal in renowned public schools, bilingual schools, and international schools across the country. I have a passion for the field of education and have participated in and led multiple educational projects, designing and implementing innovative teaching programs that have received recognition. Through years of work experience, I have gained an understanding of and insight into the psychological development of students of different ages. I excel in effective communication with students and parents, working together to support the healthy growth of students.

      • Amy Wang

        Assistant Principal

        With 15 years of extensive experience in frontline teaching and management in international schools. Responsible for relationship management, marketing and admissions, administration, and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). Possesses excellent interpersonal relationship management skills, familiarity with marketing and admissions strategies and promotional methods, proficiency in handling various administrative tasks in schools, and adept at communicating and collaborating with parents and teachers.

      • Cindy

        Human Resources Director

        With 24 years of administrative management and human resources experience in the international education industry. Holds a Master's degree from Capital University of Economics and Business, as well as certifications as a Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Legal Specialist, and Intermediate Economist. Proficient in best practices of human resources management, demonstrating excellent organizational and coordination skills, adept at resolving complex human resources issues, and emphasizing employee development and team building. Possesses fluent communication skills in both Chinese and English.

      • Dr. Rocco Zhu

        Middle School Director

        15 years of rich teaching management experience in international schools. Doctor of Microelectronics from Bolton University, UK, Master of Industrial Materials from Loughborough University, UK. After living in the UK for 6 years, he has taught in training institutions and international schools for 15 years after returning to China. He is familiar with the mainstream curriculum systems of international schools such as AP, A Level and IB, as well as various standardized exams. At the same time, he has been engaged in English teaching since teaching: Cambridge English General Level 5, Children's English, Trinity Spoken English, Business English, TOEFL training, etc.

      • Sam Guo

        High School Director

        15 years of front-line teaching and management experience in mathematics and economics in international schools. Familiar with various mainstream courses, especially proficient in AP/A level/IGCSE courses, certified teacher of AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics of the American College Board, and A level economics of the British Edison Examination Bureau Certified teachers.

      • Chandler Bai

        Head of Art High School

        Master of Enterprise Project Management, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

        He has been engaged in art high school international education for 11 years, and has participated in the co-founding of three international art projects, helping hundreds of students to enter the first-class art universities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

        Since 2022, he will be in charge of the Juncheng Art High School project, and has made important contributions to the development and improvement of the school's art projects.

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